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1956 Debbie Fagen (F) Des Moines, IA Unknown Birthsister
1956, Jan 6 Joseph Finnan (M) PEI Catholic Charities Adoptee
1956, Jan 9 Jennifer Jean (F) Minneapolis, MN Catholic Charities Birthfather
1956, Jan 31 Suzanne Marie (F) St. Vincent’s Hospital, NY New York Foundling Adoptee
1956, Feb 14 (F) Royal Jubilee Victoria, BC Unknown Adoptee
1956, Feb 9 Thelema Jones (F) Marietta Memorial Unknown Birthsister
1956, Feb 21 Debra Gaye(?) (F) Corner Brook (?), NL Social Services Adoptee
1956, Feb 21 Julie Ann Marcus (F) Bayshore Town of Islip, NY Private Birthmother
1956, Feb 23 Vincent Martinez (M) Old St. Mary’s Hospital San Francisco, CA Catholic Charities Adoptee
1956, Feb 25 Julie Ann Marcus (F) Bayshore Town of Islip, NY Private Adoptee
1956, Mar 10 Cecilia Smith (F) Alberton, PEI Social Services Adoptee
1956, Mar 13 John Phillip Hemmert (M) LaSalle Co, IL Catholic Charities Other
1956, Apr 2 Lawrence Randel Moore (M) **Birthmom: Audrey Moore Clara Booth Hospital Cincinnati, OH Unknown Adoptee
1956, Apr 2 (M) Santa Rosa Hospital San Antonio, TX Catholic Charities Other
1956, Apr 24 Regina Lynn Constable (F) **Twin brother Mare Island Naval Mare Hospital, Vallejo, CA Agency Adoptee
1956, May 1 Deborah Lee Grimshaw (F) Maternity Hospital, Halifax, NS Ontario Adoptee
1956, May 31 Karen Phillips (F) Charlottetown, PEI Protestant Family Services Adoptee
1956, Jun Smith (M) Cook Co. Hospital Chicago, IL Unknown Shimkus Birthsister
1956, Jun 8 Baby Clark (F) North Hollywood Maternity Hospital, North Hollywood, CA Agency - CA Bureau of Adoptions, LA Birthmother
1956, Jun 12 Donna Marie McGruthers (F) Toronto, ON Unknown Adoptee
1956, Jun 23 Jeanne Marie Roberts or Rodgers (F) ??Baltmore, MD @ 6:52pm Unknown Adoptee
1956, Jun 29 Bob Murray Jean (M) Nov.12,1933 St. Ann’s Hospital, Abilene, TX Private Adoptee in search of Birthfather
1956, Jul 1 Twins/M-F Washington, D.C. or Maryland Unknown Birthmother in search of Birthfather B/F
1956, Jul 13 Kevin Douglas Wolf (M) Florence Crittendon Home, Los Angeles, CA Children’s Home Society Birthmother
1956, Jul 25 Alvina (F) General Hospital Regina, SK Social Services Other
1956, Jul 26 Jane Ann Christine Dolan (F) ??/Philadelphia, PA Catholic Charities Adoptee
1956, Jul 28 Harold Gordon Cullen (M) Halifax, NS Catholic Charities Sister Mary Henry Adoptee
1956, Aug 13 Wanda Sue Lyons (F) Phelps County, MO Private Adoptee
1956, Aug 17 Patricia Maxwell Smith (F) St. Michael’s, Toronto, ON Private Adoptee
1956, Sep 1 (F) ??/Jacksonville, FL Unknown Adoptee
1956, Sep 20 Bruce Morgan Varney (M) Buffalo, NY Private Adoptee
1956, Oct 29 Sharon Campbell (F)*Birthmother from PEI Evangeline Maternity HospitalSt. John, NB Protestant Agency Adoptee
1956, Nov 7 (F) Tuoro InfirmaryNew Orleans, LA Protestant Home (now Raintree Services) Adoptee
1956, Nov 9 Robert Francis Goodale (M) Halifax, NS Unknown Adoptee
1956, Nov 11 Robert Alan MacDonald (M) ??/Montreal, QC Catholic Welfare Bureau Adoptee
1956, Nov 13 Patricia Lee Duncan (F) ??/Cleveland, OH Unknown Other
1956, Nov 14 Mary Joyce (F) St. Mary’s HospitalRichmond Heights, MO Catholic Charities Adoptee
1956, Nov 17 Stephanie Lynn Gentile (F) Mt. Sinai, Miami Beach, FL Agency Adoptee
1956, Dec 13 (F) SwedishSeattle, WA Unknown Adoptee
1956, Dec 14 Baby Girl Foley (F) Snoqualmie Falls Hospital, WA Private Adoptee